October 31, 2021

New Jersey residents will soon be able to install fiberboard on their homes and businesses.

The state’s legislature passed a bill on Monday to allow homeowners to install the material in their yards, but only if it can be done within the state.

The legislation passed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the ongoing devastation in the state, where millions of homes were damaged by the storm.

The bill requires a $25,000 bond, but homeowners can opt to pay as little as $5,000, depending on the size of their home.

The bill says homeowners will be able purchase fiberboard for $3,000 each, which is about what it costs to install it in New Jersey.

It takes three years for the state to construct fiberboard homes, but construction starts in the spring and runs through November 2020.

The fiberboard houses were built with fiberglass, which can be cut to make it lighter and more durable.

Fiberboard houses are also much cheaper to install than concrete or brick.

In New Jersey, fiberboard is used in homes, warehouses, office buildings, and other buildings.

The state Department of Environmental Protection has designated fiberboard as a hazardous waste material.

The American Society of Civil Engineers said fiberboard “is likely to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and greenhouse gas-related health risks, particularly when used in large buildings.”

Fiberboard is also a highly porous material that can crack and break.

The EPA said the material is not suitable for new construction because of the potential for leaks and deterioration.

A new law passed in 2013 banned residential use of fiberboard in the United States.

The New Jersey law allows homeowners to build fiberboard and other construction materials in their own yards.

A bill to allow residential use passed the state legislature last month.

It passed with a veto-proof majority.

The governor has proposed banning residential use and building a wall around the city of Newark, which was the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.

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