September 23, 2021

Fiberboard is one of the most popular options for adding a roof to an old building, but it doesn’t always perform as well as it should.

In a new study, University of Illinois researcher David Busser shows why.

He’s done his own testing, and found fiberboard to be the best option for the attic floor in a large number of situations.

He has done more than 50 tests over the past several years, and he has found fiberboards to perform better in areas where it is needed, such as the inside of the attic.

It has a higher moisture content, and is generally easier to maintain, Bussers study found.

In addition, fiberboards are more durable, he found, compared to the plastic materials.

Bussr said that, when it comes to roofing, he recommends that older buildings should consider the attic as a good option for roofing because it has a much higher moisture-absorbing capacity, which is essential for building systems to keep up with climate change. 

For the study, Bumpus analyzed data from the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Building Energy Inventory.

He used the data to develop a methodology that took into account the building’s current roofing needs, weather conditions, and insulation standards.

Bumpas study found that in a typical attic, fiberboard performed better than traditional plywood panels in a number of areas.

In areas with poor insulation standards, such a high level of insulation may be necessary to help reduce moisture losses. 

Bumpus said he found that fiberboard performs best in areas with good insulation, such the exterior walls and ceilings. 

In areas with excellent insulation standards and very little humidity, fiber boards perform similarly well, Bumps study found, but not as well. 

If you want to build an attic without fiberboard, Bumas said it is important to know the insulating capacity of your roofing material.

In general, a lower percentage of your attic roofing materials will provide better insulation than a higher percentage of the roofing. 

He said that if you have existing roofing and plan to install fiberboard or other insulation in the future, Bumping suggests a few tips to make sure your roof will last and be weatherproof. 

Avoid adding new fiberboard in areas that are in poor insulation.

Bumping said he usually recommends putting down fiberboard at the first sign of an impending heat wave to ensure it will be installed properly.

In the event of a power outage, it may be wise to install a separate roof covering instead of the current fiberboard. 

Never install fiberboards where there are openings in the roof. 

Keep fiberboard on the roof for as long as it is required, Bunchas said.

This is especially important if the area is being used as a parking lot or parking deck.

If it is installed in a space that is too small for it, it can cause problems with the roof’s performance. 

When adding fiberboard for an interior roof, be sure to test for mold and mildew before adding fiberboards.

Bumps recommended that the roof be painted and caulked, and it may help to put some fiberboard into the roof before adding it. 

You should also consider adding insulation if you plan to add fiberboard around the exterior of your building. 

After installing fiberboard inside the attic, you may want to consider adding a second, insulated ceiling panel.

This should only be done if you know you will need to add additional insulation to the attic to keep it in good condition. 

Some people who are concerned about moisture problems may want the option of adding fiber boards to the ceiling panels.

But that is not always the case.

Bumbs research showed that adding fiberboarding to an existing ceiling panel is not necessary if it has the same moisture-resistance as the original panel.

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