September 23, 2021

Posted March 01, 2019 08:00:17Fiberboard Magazine is coming back, as the online edition of the print publication will begin a new year with the launch of its online edition.

The magazine is still not yet ready to reveal the name of the publication, but the company did confirm that it will be available for purchase by the public at some point in 2019.

“We are very excited to welcome Fiberboard Magazine back to print and online,” said Kevin Dyson, the publisher of the magazine.

“We are excited to continue to grow our readership and build on the momentum we have built over the last few years.

We look forward to sharing the news of Fiberboard’s future with our subscribers, readers and advertisers over the coming months.”

The Fiberboard brand has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, with several magazines now appearing on Amazon and other digital retailers.

The company has been able to expand its footprint in the industry because of its large advertising budgets and its ability to leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach its audience.

The brand has also found new ways to monetize its magazines with its advertising campaigns, including a recent ad campaign for the NBA that showed off the company’s logo in a variety of different styles and styles.

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