September 21, 2021

The ceiling panels that make up the fiberboard ceiling in a Seattle building were installed by the city of Seattle last year, and now they’ll be replaced with a fiberboard one.

The fiberboard panel is made of a type of fiberglass called polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

The new panels are being installed in a building in the neighborhood of Northeast Sixth and Pine, and they’re designed to help with structural stability in the event of a structural collapse.

The fiberboard panels were designed to be lighter than fiberglass flooring, and in some instances, are already used in the building’s exterior wall.

They’re being installed to make sure the building can withstand a collapse and provide a more robust alternative to fiberglass.

The city of Tacoma says it plans to replace the ceiling panels at a building on Sixth Avenue, in an area called Pine Street.

The city says the new panels will be installed next month.

The building will be located at 1620 Pine Street and will be a new building on the ground floor, the city says.

It says it will also provide space for an outdoor fire mitigation area.

The new panels were installed in the city’s first-ever fiberboard-free ceiling in 2012.

The new ceiling panels will replace the fiberglass ceiling panels in the new building, which is located in Northeast Sixth Street.

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