August 27, 2021

New research from the National Institute of Health (NIIH) found that there is a preference for wood products over glass and stainless steel.

In addition, the research shows that furniture is more durable than other materials, which has led to a preference in the last decade for products with high durability.

“People are buying the wood-and-glass-fiberboards that are durable, and they’re also buying products that are not only durable, but they are also environmentally friendly,” says Professor Sandeep Sharma, the NIIH’s head of design and manufacturing, who conducted the research with NITI Aayog and National Institute for Materials Science and Technology (NIMS).

“So these are products that can be made from wood or from glass or stainless steel.”

The NIIHS researchers studied the use of products from over a hundred different brands.

They also used data from furniture and home-design websites to collect data on product quality, material and design, and durability.

They found that most products had high durability, with the exception of the fiberboard which was more prone to breakage and deterioration than most.

“The research is pretty clear: Most of the products that we are looking at are durable and have good performance,” Sharma says.

“They’re also more durable, they’re more environmentally friendly and they are more attractive to the consumer.”

The research also showed that the preference for products made from the wood or glass or other materials in the home is increasing.

“The wood- and glass-fibreboards were preferred over the fiberboards, with a clear preference,” Sharma said.

“Glass-fIB-glass is preferred because it’s easier to get rid of, less prone to scratching and has more durability.

It’s also more environmentally and socially acceptable.”

This study suggests that people are looking for products that offer a high level of durability and environmental sustainability.

“If we can find the best products to make our homes more sustainable, then it will give us more control over how we use our furniture,” Sharma concludes.

“It will also give us a greater degree of control over the quality of our furniture, which we think is very important.”

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