August 17, 2021

NHL fans and players can now purchase white fiberboarding sheets, epdm fiberboards, and other equipment from an assortment of retailers.

For the second consecutive year, the league is taking a chance on the sport, with a slate of major retailers in the U.S. including Amazon and Target.

These retailers will be selling the NHL-branded products in the first few weeks of October.

In addition to Amazon and Macy’s, Target is also carrying the NHL jersey, white gloves, and white helmets for the first time.

These items were previously only available through the league.

A few of the retailers that will be carrying the kits include:, and

These online retailers will also sell NHL jerseys, white gear, and apparel.

Here are some of the NHL jerseysAmazon.

Com: NHL glovesAmazon.00: NHL helmetsAmazon.99: NHL jerseyAmazon..99.99% White fiberboard sheetAmazon.20: NHL helmetAmazon.40: NHL jacketAmazon.50: NHL hooded sweatshirtAmazon.80: NHL shortsAmazon.100: NHL skatesAmazon.120: NHL socksAmazon.130: NHL pantsAmazon.140: NHL teeAmazon.150: NHL T-shirtAmazon.200: NHL hatAmazon.250: NHL capAmazon.300: NHL goalie glovesAmazon, Walmart, and Target: NHL white jerseyAmazon, Macy’s and Target stores are participating in the NHL kit program, which is the league’s biggest sales opportunity in 2018.

In order to participate in the program, customers will need to purchase NHL jerseys and gear from a retail store.

The league’s online store, , will be offering NHL gear and jerseys from retailers.

A full list of retailers participating in this year’s kit program is below:Amazon: NHL apparelAmazon.COM: NHL shirtsAmazon.US: NHL clothingAmazon.CA: NHL hockey jerseyAmazon: US NHL gearAmazon.AU: NHL gear, white jerseys, and hooded gearAmazon: UK NHL apparel and merchandiseAmazon.EU: NHL merchandiseAmazon: European NHL apparel, and merchandise Amazon.USShop: NHL Jersey Amazon.

Amazon.USA: NHL Hockey jerseyAmazon-USA Hockey merchandise and gearAmazon-UKShop: US Hockey jersey Amazon. (and Amazon) will be participating in NHL kits for the second time in 2018 with NHL kits from Target and Amazon.

These kits will be sold at Target stores in stores across the country.

Target will be the only retailer selling NHL jerseys in stores and online.

Amazon will also be selling NHL gear from the Nordstroms, Home Depot, and Lowe’s departments, as well as NHL gear at the Target, Kohl’s, and Amazon department stores.

For more information on the NHL, visit the NHL website at or follow @NHL on Twitter.

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