August 13, 2021

Fiberboard, a 3mm-thick layer of fiberboard that can be glued together to make it waterproof, is a product from the United States that was invented by John Wiley and Sons in the 1950s.

It’s now made by a company called Alteon, and the WSJ reports that the first batch of 100,000 units were ordered for the Wall St. Journal on Tuesday.

The WSJ says the price will be $99.99 for 10.5 inches (30cm) or $149.99 per foot (4.5m).

The WSJD notes that the product has been tested by the U.S. military, and is currently being used by some U.K. military.

Alteons founder, William Wiley, died in 2006, and its products are still made by him.

The company was acquired by the American Broadcasting Corporation in 2012.

Altoon also makes other products like the Alteo Pro, which is made by the Altec brand of furniture, and by the Doyon brand of electrical equipment.

Altona, the company’s former parent, went bankrupt in 2016.

The Wall Street Review of Books reported in 2016 that Alteones CEO William J. Alston, who died in 2016, had been “disliking his wife and child dearly, according to friends and family.”

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