August 7, 2021

After the federal government announced it would build a highway in the heart of British Columbia’s Olympic Park, local residents were left to deal with flooding, sewage and the potential for more spills.

Article Continued BelowArticle Continued Continue reading the main story The Globe and Mail has been unable to find an official report on the damage caused by the flood, which also shut down the highway’s entire length.

But it is not unusual for Canadian governments to put projects on hold while they assess the effects of natural disasters on the local economy.

A report commissioned by the federal cabinet on the flooding has been released.

The report, prepared by a senior researcher at the University of Victoria, concluded that “the flooding did not cause significant economic or other harm to the region.”

The report also found that “most areas of the Olympic Park remained open” despite the flood.

It also found “no evidence of significant impacts on tourism or other economic activity.”

In a statement, the federal Department of Infrastructure and Communities (DIC) said it is “committed to ensuring the construction of a highway does not pose a significant threat to the health of Canadians or other communities, and is committed to providing ongoing support and advice to the government of British Columbia to mitigate the impact of the flooding.”

The project is expected to cost $12 billion.

The Globe’s Tom Denniston reported from Vancouver, B.C.

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