August 4, 2021

Fiberboard is an alternative to cementing concrete, but you can also make it from scratch.

Here’s how.

Fiberboard panels are a lightweight and strong way to build a patio.

You don’t have to worry about damaging the concrete.

Instead, you just have to apply a thin layer of fiberboard over the concrete and it will expand.

You’ll need:1.2-inch-thick layer of dry concrete (2.5 inches)2.2 inches of fiberglass or wood (depending on the thickness of the concrete you’re using)3.2 to 3 inches of glueFor the next step, cut out the foam strips.

The fiberglass strips can be made from a plastic pipe or wood dowel.

Use a saw or chisel to cut the foam, then peel off the glue.

You can now add the foam to the concrete with the pipe or dowel or drill a hole to allow the foam into the concrete underneath.

If you’re building a patio, it might help to use some fiberglass for the base, and a piece of plastic for the corners.

If you’re doing a garden, use a piece from the bottom of the garden shed.

Add the fiberglass and glue, then add the corner of the patio.

Add a thin, dark, waterproof fiberglass layer.

You can apply the fiberboard to the corner and the edge of the roof.

Then, place a plastic sheet under the plastic sheet.

You want to make sure that you cover up the edge to prevent it from getting wet.

This will seal the edge.

You now have an exterior patio for your patio.

If your patio is in an alley, make a similar patio in the alley and add a roof.

If it’s a park, put a wooden railing on the edge and make it a little more tall.

If you want a more flexible, weather-resistant patio, add some fiberboard panels in the middle of your patio, like the one in this picture.

You’re done!

You can even add a light deck.

The next step is to add a concrete flooring layer.

You will need:6-inch to 10-inch layer of concrete (depending how thick you want the layer to be)1-inch plywood (or plywood board)2-to 3-inch strips of fiber for the top layer (optional)The concrete is now ready for painting.

For the top, use the plywood.

For the bottom, use either the fiber board or the plastic.

For the final step, drill holes through the concrete to create a base.

Apply the top and bottom layers of concrete.

Paint the edges with an exterior paint, and finish with a light coat of water-based varnish.

Next time: How to make a custom-made patio for a patio party!

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