July 26, 2021

In his book, The New Fiberglass Nerd, author Paul O. Ziemba details his adventures in the world of fiberglass and the Internet. 

He says, “I became a fiber-optic freak.

I spent months with fiberglass tubing, making fiberglass, and even going to places like California and Colorado to get fiberglass tubes to use on the Web.”

Ziembaras book also discusses his journey through the online community of “fiberboarders.”

In one chapter, Ziembars friend David L. Boulton describes the process of making fiberboard, a plastic board that is made from the bark of an exotic tree. 

“We started by cutting up the tree and then we sanded it, which was a lot of work,” Boulson said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“Then we put some paper strips on top of the tree, then we cut it down, and then they cut it again.” 

Boulton says that the tree bark is the material that holds the fiberglass together. 

According to Boulons description, Boulions fiberglass works like this: The wood that was cut up was sanded down with water.

Then we used a hammer and we hammered it together until the fiber was a smooth, flat sheet.

Then the pieces were glued together and put together.

Bouson says that while he is not a professional in the construction of fiberboard for a living, he is an avid user of the Internet and his hobby. 

Bouson, who lives in Seattle, said that he’s been doing fiberglass making for a few years. 

When I first started, I was making fiberboards for my brother-in-law,” Bousson said. 

Then he started to sell his fiberboards, and it grew. 

 “I have sold about 30 fiberboards in the last year,” Bosellson said, adding that he has sold a few dozen. 

For Ziembs hobby, the online communities are just the beginning.

He has also built a website, www.fiberglassbodysites.com, where people can learn more about fiberglass.

In a recent interview with CNN, Ziebs said that his biggest hobby in the Internet world is “making people happy.” “

There are people all over the world who are doing this.” 

In a recent interview with CNN, Ziebs said that his biggest hobby in the Internet world is “making people happy.” 

“My job is not to just make people happy,” Zieb said.

“My hobby is making people happy.

My job is to make them laugh.” 

According the website, Ziews art consists of a series of pictures and text. 

In one of his latest pieces, Zietbans wife, Karyn, plays with a piece of fiber.

The couple said that Ziembans work has been rewarding.

“It’s always fun, and the more I’ve done it, the more people are coming back for more,” Ziets wife said.

“I think that my hobby is a way of getting people to look at art in a new way,” Ziel said.

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