July 6, 2021

Is it waterproof?


The answer is: It is.

It is, in fact, so waterproof that a new type of fiberboard can be made from it. 

The new “fiberglass” is made from a mixture of water-based and non-water-based polymers.

This makes it water-resistant and water-tight. 

 A lot of people have been asking how can this be.

Why can fiberglass be water- and oil-resistant?

This is because the water-resistance of water is mediated by two proteins that are in the same place as water molecules, known as polyunsaturated fatty acids. 

Fiberglass is water-repellent because it is made up of a mixture.

Water molecules can get stuck in the polyunsaturates and this is a major reason why water-tolerant fabrics can be a challenge to water-proofing materials. 

A high-density fiberboard is made of a mix of polymers that is also water-water repellent. 

What are the disadvantages of using a new material?

The new polymers are not water- or oil-repelling.

That is a big deal because they have to be. 

These new polymer materials are also very thin. 

It takes about a meter to be able to insert in your finger and about one meter to penetrate the outer layer of a waterproof membrane. 

This makes it tough to get a water-holding effect on the water inside the membrane.

Another major drawback of the new fiberglass is that it is hard to make it waterproof. 

How do I make my own fiberglass?

You can make your own fiberboard from an old sheet of polyethylene (PET) in a vacuum or in a dryer for about 40 minutes. 

For those of you who like a little bit of the excitement, here’s what you will need to make your first fiberglass: A roll of PET. 

You can make a lot of fiberglass using the same rolls of PET as you would a normal sheet of PET, but I would not recommend it.

The PET sheets can be reused and will not degrade in any way. 

Polyethylene is a very thin sheet of plastic, about a micrometer thick.

It has no significant shrinkage and, when stretched to the correct length, will be able fit into a watertight mold. 

Use a sheet of 3-4″ by 3-5″ plastic. 

If you can find some PET, use it.

If you can’t find any, you can use a 3-foot by 3.5″ roll of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for your first roll of plastic.

I would suggest a 2-foot roll of acrylic fiberglass. 

PVC is cheap, durable, and flexible. 

I would recommend that you make a second roll of the PET.

Make sure to use the PET sheet, the acrylic sheet, and a 2″ piece of PVC.

This way, you won’t need to do anything else. 

Using the PET and acrylic roll, you will use a tube of a plastic compound (polypropylene glycol, polypropylene), a tube or a mold, and some water to create a flexible film. 

To get the water to flow through the tube, you should add a layer of silicone grease or another oil to the PET/ACP mixture. 

Next, you add a drop of water and a small amount of silicone oil (a thin film will work well) to the mixture.

The mixture will become a water bath and a layer (about 2 to 3 inches thick) of the silicone grease will be added. 

Now you add more water and the silicone oil mixture until the water reaches the top of the layer. 

Continue adding water until you reach the top layer.

When this is done, you may add some more silicone oil or the rubber sealant to prevent the water from getting into the rubber layer.

Finally, you seal the end of the water bath with a piece of polyester tape. 

Make sure that the water has been added properly, and you don’t burn yourself.

The finished product. 

At this point, you have a water resistant fiberglass that you can put into your mold.

You can also make your next roll of fiber if you prefer. 

After you have finished making your first sheet of fiber, you could make the next roll as well, but this is more expensive and requires a more elaborate mold and molding process. 

Once you have your first layer of fiber (called the film) you can try making another layer.

Make sure to fill the new layer with more water.

Make it waterproof by adding more silicone grease, and seal it with a rubber seal. 

And you are done! 

This process will take about a week and requires about 100 sheets of the plastic compound.

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