July 3, 2021

The gut bacteria living in your intestines could trigger asthma-related symptoms in people who are allergic to the food, according to a new study.

In the study, researchers found that people who were more likely to have a genetic predisposition to asthma also had lower levels of a key gut-protective gene known as Prevotella.

That gene, found on the surface of bacteria called gut flagella, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, including the bacteria that cause the disease.

While the gene is not the sole cause of asthma, the researchers say it could explain why asthma attacks are so common among people who do not have a history of the disease, as well as why they may trigger the disorder.

The study, which was published in the journal Current Biology, used genetic analysis to analyze the genomes of 10 healthy adults with asthma, and compared them with those of 10 people who had asthma but did not have Prevotellaceae, the scientists said.

Those researchers found people who also had the gene for the bacteria had lower amounts of Prevotllaceae in their gut than those who did not.

It also revealed that people with asthma had lower Prevotlla levels than those without.

Although the researchers noted that they did not know the exact cause of the bacteria’s effect, they concluded that Prevotelliaceae may play a role in triggering asthma symptoms.

Other studies have linked Prevotelle-related gene mutations in people with allergies to food to allergic reactions to foods, the authors wrote.

Previous research has linked the genes for a protein called tyrosine kinase to allergies to foods and allergies to gluten.

Tyrosine is a messenger that binds to receptors on the surfaces of cells, allowing the cell to make proteins.

It is the major protein that helps cells keep their membranes tight.

Studies have shown that those with a gene mutation that increases tyrosines are more likely than those with the normal gene to develop allergic reactions.

But there is no evidence that those mutations predispose to allergic diseases, and the scientists also noted that the study did not include people with any of the other known allergies.

As for whether the bacteria can be turned on and off, the study authors said that the bacteria could act as a natural immune system.

However, the bacteria is not a drug.

“In humans, there is a small population that has an altered immune system and this gene may play some role in how they respond to allergens,” Dr. S.R. Kulkarni, who led the study from the University of Michigan and is now a professor of dermatology at the University College London, said in a statement.

If a person with asthma develops allergies to some or all of the food that they eat, their immune system could be compromised, Dr. Kulu said.

“They might react more aggressively, they might feel more irritable, they may be more sensitive.”

In addition, the immune system may also become impaired if the person is exposed to allergening substances, including certain allergens.

There is also some evidence that Prevosella is present in foods, and it could be a factor in allergic reactions, the team said.

But there is also no evidence yet that it causes allergies in humans, Dr Kulu and his colleagues wrote.

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